6 kitchen tools for healthy summer eating for kids


Take a look at some of my favourite kitchen gadgets and tools for serving up healthy summer food and drink to your children. (But of course these kitchen helpers will work the rest of the year round too.)


1. Lakeland Lick & Sip Lolly Maker, £3.49

Lakeland Lick & Sip Lolly Maker

My kids love a cool ice lolly on a hot day. Healthy home-made lollies are easy to make – just pour in a smoothie or juice, and freeze. Hey presto, a refreshing lolly with none of the extra added sugar of normal ice lollies. Plus you’ll save money too.

But this set is particularly brilliant because as the lolly melts, the kids can slurp the juice through the built-in straw mechanism.

For stockists details and to order, click on Lakeland.


2. Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker, £14.99

Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker

My daughter received this as a birthday present, and I was pretty impressed. It’s a small ice cream maker (serving one or two) that uses something called ‘rapid freeze technology’ within the outer case of the cone. It’s not difficult to operate – simply freeze the empty container. Then add your ingredients and squeeze at the cone, giving it a good crushing for a minute or so. No, I didn’t believe it either, but honestly, you’ll have ice cream without putting it all back in the freezer. It’s amazing.

The pack contains a recipe booklet, including a how-to for strawberry ice cream that contains just one teaspoon of sugar (and of course a load of cream). But despite the cream, I still think this is a pretty healthy option compared to many of the ice creams you find in the shops, as it only has a tiny amount of sugar and zero additives. You can also make sorbet (using lemonade) or tinker with the recipes to make them even healthier if you choose.

Click on Chill Factor for more information. For stockists, visit Character Online.


3. Tala Cheese Slicer with Soft Touch Handle, £4.48

Tala Cheese Slicer

Previously, my kids were never that fussed about eating hard cheese unless it was melted on toast or pasta. But then I bought a cheese slicer. It’s been life-changing in terms of cheese consumption. To my delight, my children are now far more likely to munch on Cheddar at a picnic or from a lunch box, and they request crackers and cheese as a snack.

I think part of the appeal is that eating cheese is now much more fun. Also the kids say they like the fact that the slicer makes thin ‘cheese bars’.

And from my point of view, I like the way you can prepare the cheese for cheese on toast in a trice. And I know the kids are getting extra tooth-friendly calcium and some healthy protein.

Click for more information on Tala products. Stockists include Amazon and Mighty Housewares.


4. OXO Good Grips 3-piece Berry Bowl and Colander, £15

OXO Berry Bowl

If you’re blaming a lack of food containers and space for the reason your kids aren’t eating lots of berries this summer, you need one of these. Don’t waste time hunting around at the back of your cupboards for a colander or plastic storage box. This comes in a handy size complete with a colander for rinsing and a lid too, and you can fit a surprising amount of berries in it. It makes it extra-easy to bring a bowl of berries on picnics too, and the bowl is pretty enough to serve from on the table.

 For more information, click on Oxo UK. For stockists, visit Amazon, House of Fraser and Lakeland.


5. Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go, £29.99

Kenwood smoothie maker SB056 cut out £29.99I often make smoothies at the weekends for the kids for breakfast. Of course, you can make them using a hand blender but this gadget is worth a look, especially if you’re usually in a hurry to get out in the mornings – it comes with a handy attachment which turns the jug into a travel mug, complete with non-spill, drink-through lid so you can take the smoothie with you. Two travel mugs are included in the pack.

It makes it super-easy to give your kids a smoothie to sip at on the way to swimming lessons or the playground.

For more information, click on Kenwood. Available in Amazon, John Lewis, Currys and House of Fraser.


6. Eddingtons Silicone Ice Tray, £5.99

Eddingtons Silicone Ice TrayOn hot summer evenings, my kids like to suck on ice cubes to help cool them down. Ice cubes are also a brilliant way to hydrate with extra liquid. Normal-shaped ice cubes will always be perfectly satisfactory of course but there’s something about novelty ice cubes, like these cats, that kids find just too exciting to miss out on. They could even give a grumpy toddler an extra incentive to drink in hot weather. More of a canine-lover? No problem, dog-shaped ice cubes are available too from the same company.

For more information, click on Eddingtons. To buy, visit Amazon.

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kara says:

Love the look of the lolly molds – we have the ice cream maker and its fab, but sickly

Having a novelty ice cube tray is a great way to encourage fluid intake, which quite often my children avoid despite the heat. Purchasing one now! x

Sarah Bailey says:

I really want to get some ice lolly moulds, those cat ice cubes are too cute as well :) x

We always lose the ice lolly parts lol!! Like the cat ice tray.

I like your ideas – nice little round up too. My favourite is the car ice cubes – we freeze different fruit juices and add them to sparkling water. The kids pretend they are grown up ‘cocktails’!

I like the look of this OXO berry bowl. I am in need of something like this.

These are fab ideas, not just for the kids but for me too!

I’ve had one of those cheese slicers for years and wouldn’t be without it. For smoothies I have a Vitamix I bought years ago at the consumer event: Vitality.
Great comprehensive topical blog post.
Liska x

I really need to get my hands on a cheese slicer! You’ve also reminded me I promised my 3-year-old we’d make ice cream soon.

Great post – we want the Chill Factor Slushie maker here :)

Pinkoddy says:

Some great gadgets there – we have the frozen jelly maker and it’s fantastic.

Polly says:

ice lolly molds are an essential for the summer!

I want a cat cube tray. I also love ice lolly moulds

Fabulous post, I am going to get myself an ice cream maker after reading this xx

Louisa says:

We have a lolly maker and it is a great thing to have. I need a cheese slicer in my life, I’m lucky to still have fingers after trying to finely slice it myself!

I love the look of the icecream maker x

Keri-Anne says:

I really want to do some lolly making with the girls. I love those molds :) x