shopping trolley in a supermarket

Why we need better labelling of children’s food (and about being an Organix No Junk Mum)

  Hey, I’m an Organix No Junk Mum! As regular readers will know, I’m on a mission to promote fresh, healthy food for children and families, and encourage kids to tuck into more fruit and vegetables – starting with my own super-fussy eater boy. (An update on his progress is coming in a future blog […]
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Are you suffering from insomnia after having a baby?

For all mums who are having trouble with insomnia once their kids are sleeping through, read on I can’t believe I’m the only mum who forgot how to sleep after having kids. Like most of us, I used to be a great sleeper. And that still held true after two children – well, once they […]
learning to love vegetables

How to help your child like vegetables: playtime

I love vegetables, but number 3 child hates them and has done so since he graduated from baby purées. I last wrote about my son’s veggie-loathing ways when he was two and a half (read: 10 ways to get your child to eat vegetables). But he’s just turned four, and his shortlist of accepted vegetables is […]
biryani big cookathon colour

Cooking biryani for the Big Cookathon

  I’m a big supporter of the work of the Children’s Food Trust – they believe that every child has the right to good nutrition, and that eating well will help them learn and succeed. One of the ways they do this is by ensuring that young children learn cooking skills and kitchen confidence. This […]
Bucket and mop for cleaning up after vomiting bugs

Vomiting bugs: why I’m buying shares in disinfectant

Just recently a vomiting bug swept through my children’s school before rampaging across my family. It wheezled its way in via my eldest daughter, most of whose class were laid low. It then attacked my little boy two nights in a row, caught my middle daughter, returned to my eldest, laid off my kids’ childcarer, […]
10 tips to help you give up sugar (and these sweets) from Healthier Mummy

Going sugar-free: 11 tips to help you give up sugar

After over-indulging in chocolate and sweets over Christmas, I had been feeling rather uneasy about how reliant I’ve been on refined sugars to get me through the day. So I’ve been on a no-sugar mission since the start of this year. It turns out it’s helped me lose weight and balance out my cravings for sweet […]

Going sugar-free: why I’ve given up sugar

It was my daily treat of two squares of chocolate every evening that did it. Over time this indulgence had morphed into three, then four squares, and sometimes more. But what really troubled me was that even when I didn’t fancy it, I would tuck in – as though it was my right. Throw into […]
9 ways to help you find wellbeing this year

Health resolutions for New Year: 9 ways to find wellbeing

  You’ve got to be careful with New Year’s resolutions. If you think too big, they can be a surefire path to feeling lousy as, one after the other, they fall by the wayside. But I do love that sense of change, optimism and clean slate at the start of January. To me, it makes sense […]
Flexible working: could it help you live a healthier life?

Flexible working for a healthy life: not just a mum thing

I’ve been trying to work more flexibly since having my first child eight and a half years ago. It’s not always easy. For example, recently I’ve been working so flexibly – okay, okay, juggling deadlines and client meetings alongside nativity plays, parent-teacher meetings, school pick-up and bedtime duties – that I’ve ended up with no time […]
cranberry and clementine sauce

No-sugar homemade cranberry and clementine sauce

A couple of weekends ago, I made my first ever Christmas pudding. Can you tell that I’m bursting with pride? It was all that fiddling around with string and greaseproof paper. And of course the steaming. For eight hours. An entire working day. Admittedly, it does feel strange to still have no idea if the pudding […]
homemade fish fingers for your children - Healthier Mummy

Homemade fish fingers for children

While it would be lovely to be the kind of mum who knocks up pastry, bubbling stews and veggie-packed risottos after the school run, it’s just not going to happen. So – as I think I’ve said before – there will always be room in my freezer for a box of fish fingers.  They’re easy, […]
pumpkin muffins decorated

Healthy Halloween treats: no-sugar pumpkin muffins

It’s pretty difficult to escape the sugar overload at Halloween. Around 80% of parents feel under pressure to buy sweets for their kids at Halloween, according to a survey of 700 mums with children aged six months to five years – not surprising really, with trick or treating so common and the supermarket shelves stacked […]
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